I'm Natalie,

A home bird filled with wanderlust. An introvert who loves people and although I love cosy dark winter nights, I will go to the ends of the earth to chase that last glint of golden light at sunset.

I have a real fascination and love for connections, the spark between two people, the knowing looks, the way we interact and laugh together. It's beautiful and mesmerising.

Creating tangible, everlasting visual reminders of these connections is why I do what I do.


I have a real love for connections. The spark between two people... It's beautiful and mesmerising.




I believe that


- those little biscuits you get with good coffee

- lazy days playing retro video games with my husband

- pretending I'm an interior designer

- quiet moments in epic landscapes

- living close to the ocean

- early 2000's pop-punk

- peonies

Things I love...

things I don't...

- marmite

- bad lighting

- lack of symmetry

- when you see a waiter approaching with food, but then it's not for you

My Wedding

You're sharing your day with me, it seems only fitting that I share a little bit of mine with you... Here's my other half and I wandering the desert in Monument Valley, my favourite place on the planet, on our wedding day.

Photographs by the incredibly lovely and talented Emily Hannah.

If you need any help or advice for planning your destination wedding, please just ask, I've lived and breathed the whole process!