Arizona Wedding


Oh hey there! I’m Natalie, a sunset-chasing, ukulele playing, camera hoarding tea fanatic! (Seriously, I LOVE tea)
I met two of the three loves of my life in the darkroom, one is photography (duh!). It all started the day the teacher told me I could turn a coffee tin into a camera, my tiny mind exploded and I wanted to know everything I could. From then on magic of photography and developing prints in the darkroom had me hooked.
The other, is my fiance, maybe it was all the chemicals in the air, maybe it was his similarly warped sense of humour,  but it was there in the darkroom that I knew I was head over heels for the guy who I will soon call my husband! We get hitched next April in the middle of Monument Valley in Arizona, picture an explosion of colours in the desert with touch of American Diner styling… yep, I’m pretty freaking excited!
The third love of my life, in case you hadn’t guessed, is tea. Birthday cake tea, rhubarb and custard tea, yorkshire tea (obviously), I cannot get enough of the stuff.
That’s it from me, I’ve never been a fan of sales so I’ll pretty much let my work speak for itself, and if you like it – awesome, let’s talk!

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To me, there’s nothing more romantic than a 50’s hollywood movie, there’s something about the charm of old cinema that transports me to my happy place, a place where there’s film grain and golden light everywhere and love burns bright and intense.
The way I see it, your wedding day is your own unique epic love story not a series of random events, a beautiful story about 2 people in love and chose a specific day to declare it to the world. This is why I don’t photograph any two weddings the same and I like to capture every little thing that makes you both who you are when you’re together.
I typically shoot on digital and then add a little filmic charm in the post processing, there’s something that just feels so timeless about film photography and compliments my style so well.
If you’re looking for wedding photography that is personal and unique with minimal group shots (lets face it, standing in lines all stiff and awkward for photographs is a thing that should be left for school portrait day) then please get in touch!